Happy Birthday, Momma!

My Beautiful Momma & Me (& Ethan)

Because it's rude to tell a lady's age, I won't. A simple "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOMMA!!!" will suffice. I hope you have a truly wonderful day full of fun and joy. Next year, Ethan will be able to celebrate with us as well!If asked to describe Momma, (1) I would have to say that she loves her Lord and her family; (2) is a dedicated, hard worker who doesn't give up. Even when the going gets tough and storms come in life, she keeps her head up and keeps on going. (3) Loves knowing what is going on with her family and savoring each memory through the eye of her camera. Thank you for keeping the memories alive via photo and smilebox.Momma, thank you for the many fun memories we've shared in the past; I'm looking forward to the ones we'll make in the future! We love you, Momma (Mamaw) and wish you a very happy ? th birthday.


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