What a Fun Week!

Amy Postlewaite & I posing with our precious
bundles of joy at Red Bone Ally.

This week was jam packed with friends and fellowship! Josh and I had such a good time hosting a few friends this week and meeting up with others! Tuesday, we had a good time with our Senior Saints as we sang and Joshua gave a devotional thought. We were so full before we left the meeting because all of our sweet ladies prepare the meal for each meeting. Then Wednesday, we ran the bus route and were very excited about the 24 children that rode with us, and very thankful for Mr. Talbert who helps us!

Tori Mixon performing at the Spring Concert.
Joshua with Connor & Grace after the concert.

Thursday we went to the Savannah Grove Elementary Spring Concert in which five kids from our church were performing (pictures above). It was good to see several of our kids and their parents. We are very proud of our kids and the great job they did playing strings, percussion, woodwinds, and singing! As we were driving into the drive, we got a call from a friend from college asking us to meet him and another friend for dinner. But it got even better when they came over to the house for dinner and to play the wii.

Sweet Miss Autumn Dorrell!

Then Friday, I enjoyed going out to lunch and looking for baby stuff with Crystal and little Autumn Dorrell. I'm so glad that God puts special friends in our lives that are so encouraging and fun to be around. That evening we got to see their family again as Joshua and I went to the Red Bone Ally to celebrate Stephanie Miles 21st Birthday. We had a good time catching up with the Postlewaites who are also expecting a baby this summer.

Josh with Andrew and Adam.

Sunday, we celebrated Graduate's Sunday at Bethany! We are proud of our two graduates, Adam Driggers and Andrew Strickland for completing high school. Well, that's about it for this past week. Looking forward to what this week holds! May God bless you and yours.


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