Auntie Bec's Weekend Visit

Sisterly Love
Becca Boo, Me, & Ethan
Joshua was our wonderful photographer

Rebecca came for her first visit since Josh & I have been married this Friday through Sunday! It was so much fun having her down for the weekend and showing her around town. We celebrated her birthday on Friday night at Applebees since she will be in Guin, AL as a camp counselor. I am so glad that she was able to come down for a few days, she has had such a busy school year and beginning a busy summer. This Wednesday she will be leaving with six other students from SFWBC to minister in Brasil for thrirteen days.

Daisy loved riding Auntie Becca's back

Saturday she helped us with Family Day at the ballfield! We had about forty-five kids and parents attending. It was nice having some our family visiting too! Sunday she joined me in the Kindergarten Sunday school class, and during the worship hour Joshua preached! It was so much fun to crash on the couch and catch up on how her school year has gone and how the Lord has been working in her life.


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