Springtime Fun

Daisy loves playing outside with Joshua.

Springtime Fever is in the air! We have been soaking in the warm sunny rays and enjoyed watching Daisy do the same. She just loves to be outside; normally she can be found stretched out on the porch or under Joshua's truck. But her favorite is playing chase or fetch.

Fun times with my husband and the teens at Medieval TimesJellybean Sandcastle made with 254,093 Jellybellies

The past week seems to have flown by! We had a great time taking the teens to Medieval Times and the Broadway Shops last Saturday. The show was great, and the food was even better! God blessed us with perfect weather for the trip and a fun group of teens and adults to go with us.
Ethan's teddy from Sweetie Pie.
Momma & Daddy visited us on Easter weekend!

On Monday we had another Baby appointment. Ethan is officially 23 weeks and 1 day today. Dr. Phillips said that Ethan is growing well. His heartbeat is 154 beats per minute. Before we left Dr. Phillips said that he is always glad to see things going this well, and that by charting Ethan's growth he may come a week or two early.

We left the doctor to come back home and pack up for Camp Meeting at Southeastern. It was so good to see Momma, Daddy, & Becca that night along with lots of friends and professors. Tuesday, our hearts were stirred and spoken to by the preaching we heard. Then, before we returned to South Carolina, we went to the Alumni luncheon catered by Bro. Mike Morris and the kitchen crew (of which Becca's apart of).


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