The Nursery Times

The crib fully assembled.
The bears won't sleep with Ethan! But I did love the Alabama outfit from Papaw.
Daddy busy at work on Ethan's nursery.

We have began putting Ethan's nursery together, and it's coming along quite nicely! I just love all the cute little (& big) teddy bears! Joshua surprised me by decluttering what would be the nursery yesterday then bringing in the crib. We were able to assemble the crib, move the dresser (that will be the changing table), hang the wall plaques, , decorate the crib, put the mobile up, and put the teddy bears on the wall. Whew!

When it was all said and done last night, I just looked in wonder and imagined little Ethan sleeping in the crib and being rocked to sleep in that very room. I felt a flood of emotions as I realized the joys and responsibility we have been given by God to raise this precious little boy for His honor and glory. I can't wait to hold him for the very first time, look into his shining eyes and tell him I love him face to face. I pray that this little one will grow up to love and serve the Lord his God, and share His love with others.


  1. hey stephanie, josh, (& ethan!!) This is Amy Postlewaite...I can't find my phone w/ your #s in it, so i thought i'd tell you on here how excited we are about your news!!! let me know if you still want to go shopping/registering sometime soon! we love you guys, call anytime!!!!! :)

  2. Amy (& Anna Grace) I just remembered that I didn't send you the website for pam grace decorations. I didn't have your email, so I hope this goes through. It is
    Have a great day.


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