Easter Week Ponderings

It's easy to get so used to hearing a story over and over that we somewhat get stuck in rut. If we are not careful, we can become so accustomed to listening to sermons and lessons on Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection that it becomes monotonous. But this week, let us slow down and ponder this- The most miraculous event in human history occurred on Easter: don't just listen to the story like it's the ten thousandth time you have heard it this Sunday. Listen intently like a child who is hearing it for the very first time.

Oh "Tell Me the Story of Jesus. Write on my heart every word. Tell me the story most precious, sweetest that ever was heard." For it was "Amazing Grace" that saved a wretched sinner like me. Our precious Mesiah was nailed to an "Old Rugged Cross," but praise the Lord, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today"! This is what differentiates Christianity from every other religion. It's a lifestyle...and our Lord and Savior is not dead, but He is risen indeed!


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