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Mystery Madness with Bethany Juniors

Here are some pictures from tonight's teen activity! We are so grateful for the twenty-five juniors and five adults who came out tonight. It was a night full of puzzle solving games that Joshua came up with. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and have lots of fun.

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Happy Birthday, Memaw!

This post is dedicated to my precious Memaw, Elgon McGlawhorn Gooding. She has been the wife of Marion for almost sixty years. In her eighty-one years she has made so many accomplishments most importantly that of Christian, wife, mother, and grandmother. She has four children and four grandchildren. Some of the words that could be used to describe Memaw are godly, sweet, thoughtful, compassionate, patient, tender, and CHEF.

Memaw, we love you and thank God for you and your eighty-one years of life.

Baby Horton Update

We had our third prenatal appointment on Monday of this week. We are excited to let you in on a good report. Bambino's heartbeat was 142 beats per minute. It was music to Mommy & Daddy's ears; I don't know if I've ever heard anything quite as beautiful as our child's heartbeat. Dr. Phillips said that Baby is progressing nicely and according to blood work is healthy. We go back for an ultrasound on Monday March 8. Hopefully, we will be able to find out if we are going to have a son or a daughter at that appointment- it will be an early birthday present for Joshua!

Bambino is officially fifteen weeks old today. I can't believe that it has already been almost four months and the second trimester is underway. What a great responsibility that God has given us to raise this precious child for His honor and glory. When we are asked if we want a boy or girl, we are both quick to respond that it doesn't matter as long as it's healthy.

"SNOW" Lovely Weekend

Love this picture of Josh & Daisy
I Love Snowcream!
Josh Loves Snowcream!!
Daisy Loves Snowcream!!! We all love it!
Our foot & paw prints in the snow.

This weekend Joshua and I went off to the Couples Retreat in Myrtle Beach with a group from our church. It was so nice to relax for a couple days and enjoy seeing some our good friends. It was good to reconnect with the Gwartneys, folks from White Oak Hill, and the Haas's. To top it all off, we saw a few inches of snow on the beach when we woke up this morning!

Daisy spent her first night in a kennel :( The sweet baby was so ready to see us! And when we got home there was just enough snow left for snow cream, a snowman and her to play in.
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A Love Worth Celebrating

Hillbilly Hearts Banquet

Make sure to check out our youth group blog at
for pictures of our Senior Saint Valentine Banquet.

God's Been Good

Life's storms are not meant to make us bitter, but to make us better for God's service.

Looking back at the goodness of the Lord has been a joy lately. I have been blessed to have godly parents who were willing to follow the Lord's leading and serve Him. Enjoying a close knit family where vacations, reunions, and get-togethers were frequent are blessings I do not take for granted. Having the security of family, a great school, and church are just a few of the blessing I grew up with. Now I am blessed with the most wonderful husband who is the love of my life and best friend. God answered every prayer and dream I had of a husband in Joshua. We are now excited of God blessing us with a child that should arrive in August.

Yes, life has had its trials...sometimes seeming to sail out of one storm right into another. But through each storm, God has shown His power, provision, and goodness. When I didn't know when the sun would shine again, God sent a little sunlight th…

To Charleston with Love

Joshua and I just returned tonight from a lovely trip to Charleston. The city is rich in history, shopping, entertainment, and fun. We enjoyed a walking tour of the busy downtown section of Charleston. The sights and sounds are fantastic!

On Monday, Joshua and I enjoyed walking around historic downtown Charleston. We started out at the Market with vendors and shops, getting a pretty scarf and ornaments while there. Next we visited the pier and park with the two fountains. Then off to find lunch...We ended up at the neatest maritime restraunt/museum called the Buccaneer. It was deliciouso! After that we headed back to the inn for a quick rest and to take our goodies back to the room. We ventured back out and took a stroll around the Battery and Waterfront Park. The homes were exquisite...boasting of columns, ornate architecture, molding...what a neat area for photos. We had fun walking around the park and taking funny pictures with the statues and cannons. On the way back to …