Update on Grandma Goff & NC visit

Joshua and I were able to visit with Grandma Goff and our families on Monday. We arrived at Lenoir Hospital around nine o'clock that morning while Grandma was still having her first dialysis treatment. The doctor said that the only option was to have a catheter placed were she would be able to have dialysis three times a week. She is still in the hospital and seems to be doing a bit better. We are praying that the treatments will work and God will bless her with more time here on earth.

She still believes that He has something for her to do here. I believe that part of that could be telling her family (grand and great grandchildren) about Him. Please, continue to pray for the healing of Grandma and God's will to be done. We are also praying for the salvation of our family members.

It was a good visit to North Carolina. We enjoyed visiting with our family; just wished that it would have been under normal circumstances. We were able to visit with Joshua's family that morning and enjoy lunch with Maye and Elijah.

That afternoon, we had a Cookout milkshake and dinner with Daddy, Momma, Memaw, and Granddaddy. It was fun to teach Memaw how to play the Wii. We also got our first family photo of the three of us.


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