First post of 2010!

Wow, another year has gone by, and now I am writing the first blog of 2010. As we embark on a new decade, it is fun to think of the years gone by. On New Year's Eve I was reflecting on that same night ten years ago when the big Y2K scare was on. I still remember how many people were stockpiling food, generators, etc. My family might have gotten a few extra groceries, but I remember Daddy predicting that it would come and go just as any New Year's Eve past. Well, that night we were over at our friends home, and I can remember everyone at one point or another predicting what they thought would happen at midnight. As we were counting down the seconds to 2000, and watching the ball drop, at exactly midnight, everything went black! We were pretty scared (terrified). For all we knew the Y2K deal was a reality. Then as one of the men found a flashlight and was checking things out, he discovered that one of the guys had flipped a switch on the power box. What a relief. We had electricity and my Daddy's prediction of just another New Year was correct.

I am glad that this year we were able to enjoy a fun evening with church family. It was a joy to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ. As this is the first post of 2010, I want to share with you my personal goal/ theme for 2010. I guess it started on my birthday as I began a new Bible study entitled Giving God Your All. That is exactly what I desire to do this year. Give God all of me, not just the things that are easy to hand over and give Him control of but every thing. I realize that this is much easier said that done. But I pray that with God's help I'll be able to place my life (every aspect) in His loving, tender, gracious, perfect, understanding hands.


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