Answered Prayer

God amazes me over and over again. Even when I need to pray as the disciple, "Lord, help my unbelief," God shows me yet again His faithfulness and provision and why I can and should believe in His goodness.Back in November, I posted that we were praying for a bus because God was growing our van ministry. Well, since then we have not only seen an increase of children on Wednesday nights for Bible Time, but many of them come on Sunday morning and night as well! We are so excited to work in the lives of our boys and girls.

For the past few Wednesday nights, our kids have been inviting and telling their friends about Bible Time and we have had a full van. So full that Joshua has been making two trips!
Back to praying for the bus, this Wednesday night, our church voted on buying a new bus. The vote was practically unanimous! We are so thankful the our church people saw the need to purchase a bigger vehicle to bring boys and girls to Him. This will not only be a benefit to the Bible Time ministry, but our senior saints and adults will be able to travel much more comfortably on trips.Praise the Lord for answering prayer!!!


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