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Update on Grandma Goff & NC visit

Joshua and I were able to visit with Grandma Goff and our families on Monday. We arrived at Lenoir Hospital around nine o'clock that morning while Grandma was still having her first dialysis treatment. The doctor said that the only option was to have a catheter placed were she would be able to have dialysis three times a week. She is still in the hospital and seems to be doing a bit better. We are praying that the treatments will work and God will bless her with more time here on earth.

She still believes that He has something for her to do here. I believe that part of that could be telling her family (grand and great grandchildren) about Him. Please, continue to pray for the healing of Grandma and God's will to be done. We are also praying for the salvation of our family members.

It was a good visit to North Carolina. We enjoyed visiting with our family; just wished that it would have been under normal circumstances. We were able to visit with Joshua's family that…

Please, Pray for the Goff Family

Maranatha, Joshua, & I with Grandma Goff at Christmas

Joshua and I ask that you remember the Goff Family in your prayers today and this week. His Grandma, Anna Louise Goff was placed in the hospital last week and we got a phone call last night that her kidneys are failing. Please, pray that the Lord would give her a peace and calm that only He can bring during this time. She is such a genuine, sweet, Christian woman who loves her Savior and her family.

We pray that this would also be a time for Joshua's aunts, uncles, and cousins to see the importance of eternity and consider their relationship with the Lord.

Junior Skating Activity

Lately I haven't posted as much as I used to about our youth and teen groups on this blog because we started a Bethany Youth Blog for our kids, their parents, and friends. If you would like to keep updated with that the website is

But we had such a good time with our kids today that I wanted to share some of the fun in photos.

Make a Smilebox slideshow

Answered Prayer

God amazes me over and over again. Even when I need to pray as the disciple, "Lord, help my unbelief," God shows me yet again His faithfulness and provision and why I can and should believe in His goodness.Back in November, I posted that we were praying for a bus because God was growing our van ministry. Well, since then we have not only seen an increase of children on Wednesday nights for Bible Time, but many of them come on Sunday morning and night as well! We are so excited to work in the lives of our boys and girls.

For the past few Wednesday nights, our kids have been inviting and telling their friends about Bible Time and we have had a full van. So full that Joshua has been making two trips!
Back to praying for the bus, this Wednesday night, our church voted on buying a new bus. The vote was practically unanimous! We are so thankful the our church people saw the need to purchase a bigger vehicle to bring boys and girls to Him. This will not only be a benefit to t…

Baby Horton on Board

First Baby Photos!
Baby Horton is waving to Mommy & Daddy!!!
167 heartbeats per minute.

We would like to officially announce to our blog friends that we are expecting. We are so excited about our gift from God. What a privilege we have been given. We had our first baby pictures taken today via ultrasound. What a blessing it was to hear bambino (a)'s heartbeat. Dr. McDaniels confirmed that everything looks very good and according to the blood work and visit we had last week both Baby and Mommy are very healthy. Praise the Lord.

Baby Horton is expected to arrive around August eleventh two thousand ten. Please, pray with us that God continues to bless bambino with good health and that he (she) would be saved at an early age and want to serve God with his (her) life.

First post of 2010!

Wow, another year has gone by, and now I am writing the first blog of 2010. As we embark on a new decade, it is fun to think of the years gone by. On New Year's Eve I was reflecting on that same night ten years ago when the big Y2K scare was on. I still remember how many people were stockpiling food, generators, etc. My family might have gotten a few extra groceries, but I remember Daddy predicting that it would come and go just as any New Year's Eve past. Well, that night we were over at our friends home, and I can remember everyone at one point or another predicting what they thought would happen at midnight. As we were counting down the seconds to 2000, and watching the ball drop, at exactly midnight, everything went black! We were pretty scared (terrified). For all we knew the Y2K deal was a reality. Then as one of the men found a flashlight and was checking things out, he discovered that one of the guys had flipped a switch on the power box. What a relief. We had electric…