The Promise of Christmas

Josh giving a Christmas devotion during Junior Party.
Some of the kids Chirstmas choir during dress rehearsal.

Young & Wise One doing what they do best!
Teen Christmas Party at our house.
Madison & Christina.

Things at Bethany have been pretty busy this month as I am sure they are at just about every church. We have enjoyed hosting a teen and junior Christmas party, practicing for the Christmas play which we had this past Sunday night, and attending other Christmas parties. We have been updating on most of the Junior and teen blog which you may access at

We praise the Lord for the success on Sunday night with the Christmas play. We believe that His name was lifted up and the true meaning of Christmas was displayed. We were very excited to have several parents attend our service for the very first time to see their children perform. What a blessing! We hope to see many of them back very soon.

Now as it is only two days before Christmas we anticipate seeing our families and celebrating our very first Christmas together. Josh and I received a very special early Christmas gift this year. We'll be telling you more about it in the days to come.


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