Sailin' We Will Go!

Great to see the future Mrs. Dixon and talk about wedding stuff! Loved traveling and singing with her last summer!
Some of our ladies celebrating Mrs. Jewel's Birthday at Shoney's.
It was so good to see Jessica Lancaster! We had some awesome times at SFWBC!
It was so good to see my sister Rebecca and our good friends Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. Cordell!

This weekend I had to leave my wonderful husband for the first time since we've been married :-( I didn't want to leave Josh at home, but it was good to enjoy the weekend with the Ladies of Bethany. I don't know what it is about a retreat, but it seems that you can bond so much more with the ladies that go. We left on Friday morning and arrived at our hotel that afternoon. Rooming with Summer and Stephanie Miles was lots of fun. (We found a new use for luggage carts!)

The Cruise of a Lifetime was the theme of the retreat. Sailor outfits, leis, beach balls, and of course Gilligan's Island were not lacking. The weekend was packed with great, soul stirring sessions, shopping at vendors, and seeing old friends. The daughters of Dr. Curtis Hutson were the key speakers, and the Lord used them to touch lives and bless hearts. Topics on how to become a better wife, child rearing, forgiveness, differences in men and women were all discussed. I was reminded that rowing or sailing are choices we can make. Either we can try to make it through life by working hard and depending on ourselves; or we can set our sail and let God lead us where ever He will.

Seeing friends from Faith, Southeastern, and other churches was such an encouragement. Even though I wasn't too excited leaving the parking lot at nine on Friday morning, God knew what I needed.

Spending time with our ladies from Bethany was a treat too. A few of us went out to Walmart around eleven thirty that night. Laughs were not was a great trip! AND when I got home Saturday night my AMAZING husband had a meal of marinated chicken, broccoli/cheese,and mashed potatoes waiting for me along with a cleaner house. God's been good.

Miss Summer and Stephanie Miles


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