Our Love Story

It is hard to believe that Joshua and I have been married just a few days over six months. The time has flown by. But I hear that time does fly when you are having fun, and we are having a blast!!! I wanted to take a little time to share how the Lord brought us together. Only God could bring someone so right for me into my life. He answered every prayer I ever prayed for my future husband in Joshua. I am so grateful that God saw fit to write our love story just as He has.

Well, Joshua an
d I met at Southeastern FWB College in the fall of 2005. We were in a Christmas play together that year, and it was during play practices that our friendship began. We spent alot of time together getting to know each other. Then on Valentines Day of that year, Joshua wrote me the most beautiful poem that was an acronym of my name. I remember telling my roommate that the poem was sweet, but it was something I wanted my future husband to write me.

I had no idea that I had made such a predictive statement, and since then Joshua has written me many poems. He is such a talented writer.

Well, fast forward to the spring of 2008. Joshua and I were still friends. Much had happened in the three years we had known each other. He was a friend I could count on, one I could trust to pray with me and tell me like it is, as well as always make me laugh. In the spring of 2008 Joshua planned and directed the missions retreat at Camp Dixie along with Mrs. Vicki Morris. I began to notice his genuineness, servant's heart, and love for the Lord and the mission field even more than ever before. It is neat to see God's hand at work in our lives because for over a year, I had begun to notice the little things that make Joshua Horton special. My mom even said to me once, "You will marry a nice man like Josh Horton." (I'm so glad that she was right!!)

Well, during this mission's retreat, my friend Shelley and I stayed up and talked late into the night. While we were talking about her and her sweetheart Bradley (and one of Josh's best friends), she said something like what mom had said only weeks before. When I told her we both just laughed. And I told her that I was beginning to see Joshua as more than just a friend. Well she and Bradley acted somewhat like matchmakers, and thanks to them Joshua and I had a nice long talk before lunch the next day. We decided that since he had so much responsibility with the retreat we would have to continue the discussion back at SFWBC. Well, we finished most of the conversation on the bus ride back to campus. Then we continued getting to know each other better for the next couple of weeks.

On March 28, 2008 at a Hurricane's hockey game outing with SFWBC, Joshua asked me to be his girlfriend. Our friendship for each other grew and grew. We both began growing in love with one another. That summer Joshua interned in Brasil with the Aycocks and I traveled with the Sounds of Praise. We both grew in our relationships with the Lord, and this brought us even closer to each other. September 13, 2008, Joshua and I returned to one of our favorite dating spots--Tryon Palace in New Bern, NC. That day as he pretended to take my picture, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said YES, of course, and then we went to my grandparents home to celebrate our engagement with our families.

In October of 2008, Josh became the youth pastor of Bethany FWB, in South Carolina. We were able to see each other once a week on his day off. The Lord did bless Josh's ministry in Timmonsville, and we saw the Junior and Teen group grow. We were excited to see a van route started as well.

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful wedding day on June 6, 2009 at two in the afternoon. It was a lovely day filled with family, friends, great memories, tons of pictures, and great food. We enjoyed a wedding trip to the Pocono Mountains of Pensylvania.

I now enjoy being Josh's secretary, and helping at our church wherever needed. We are excited to see growth in our Sunday School and youth group. Praise the Lord for His working in our lives. I know that storms may come our way, but I pray that our love will grow stronger with each passing day. I am so thankful for my best friend, lover, and husband. We have so much fun serving the Lord together.


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