Chasing Lizards

Living in South Carolina has definitely changed my view of insects and reptiles. They still make me squirm, but not scream (as much!). This weekend was packed with events, some of which included chasing a few lizards out of our house!

Friday-It was a joy to host a Girl's Night In at our home. Three ladies from the career/newly wed class joined me for a evening of games, laughs, and of course chocolate. We had alot of fun getting to know each other, and discussing the formation of a Bible study.

Saturday-Josh and I got up early enough to get ready for a day of waiting tables, cleaning, and raising money for the youth group at the Schoolhouse Restraunt. The owners let local youth groups wait tables on Saturdays and keep the tips. So we picked up two teens that were going to help us with the lunch shift and arrived at the Schoolhouse at ten. We had a good time with the twenty-three people who helped in the lunch and dinner shifts. After the restraunt closed we cleaned up and headed home about ten that night. Praise the Lord, we were able to raise funds for our Senior Saints Valentines Banquet.

That night as I walked through the living room I saw two lizards. One was on the window, and the other inside the lamp. So Josh, Daisy, and I began a chase for the lizards. We almost had them, but they hid behind the washer machine and the stove. Ugh...oh well, we decided to wait till they came out again.

Sunday-In Junior church, we had a pizza party for the kids rewarding them for meeting there attendance goal. So that morning I got up and made cupcakes, then ran over to church to get everything situated for junior church. As part of the deal, the juniors got to throw water balloons at Josh! They got so excited about tossing water balloons at him. After church, my wonderful husband ran to the grocery store to pick up a salad for lunch since the Preacher and his wife were coming over for spaghetti. We really love spending time with them. They have become a part of our family so quickly.

While Josh was out for the salad, I heard Daisy scurrying around the kitchen and behind the trash can. After moving it for her, I realized that she was after the lizards! My precious pup was trying to help me catch those lizards! She was hilarious to watch. After she got the lizard out from behind the trash can, I was able to catch it in the lizard cup! lizard down, and one to go! It wouldn't be until after the preacher left that my hero Joshua would save us from the other lizard!


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