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Praying for a bus

My cup is running over as I reflect on the wonderful time we had here in Timmonsville. In fact, it all started a couple weekends ago when Joshua was out doorknocking and inviting people to church. He met a family with ten children and one on the way. The man said that they had been looking for a good church and that his children would definitely go on Wednesday night to Bible Study. Well, on Wednesday five of his children did come along with nine other children we pick up each week for Bible Study. It was a full van, and we had an exciting ride to church.

Fast forward to Friday—Fun Fest at Bethany Church. Josh and Bro. Talbert set up a lot of games in the fellowship hall (You can check out the pics in the update in photos.) The activity started with tacos and nachos, then Joshua shared a devotion about thankfulness. After that he gave instructions for capture the flag kid style. It was so fun to watch and referee this game. When it started getting dark, we all came inside to …

Update in Photos


Sailin' We Will Go!

Great to see the future Mrs. Dixon and talk about wedding stuff! Loved traveling and singing with her last summer! Some of our ladies celebrating Mrs. Jewel's Birthday at Shoney's.
It was so good to see Jessica Lancaster! We had some awesome times at SFWBC!
It was so good to see my sister Rebecca and our good friends Mrs. Sloan and Mrs. Cordell!

This weekend I had to leave my wonderful husband for the first time since we've been married :-( I didn't want to leave Josh at home, but it was good to enjoy the weekend with the Ladies of Bethany. I don't know what it is about a retreat, but it seems that you can bond so much more with the ladies that go. We left on Friday morning and arrived at our hotel that afternoon. Rooming with Summer and Stephanie Miles was lots of fun. (We found a new use for luggage carts!)

The Cruise of a Lifetime was the theme of the retreat. Sailor outfits, leis, beach balls, and of course Gilligan's Island were not lacking. The weeke…

Looking for Redbirds

Look for the Redbirds, give God the glory. Look for the Redbirds everyday! Don't be discouraged He'll never fail you. God will send a Redbird your way.At Faith Church in Goldsboro, our ladies had a theme of Looking for the Redbirds and giving God the glory. The theme was adapted from Mrs. Marlene Evans' book Rubies, Redbirds, & Rainbows. The idea is that when you see a redbird (cardinal) cross your path it is a reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness. It is like the token of good that David described.

Now redbirds are not always a real live cardinal; they can come in the form of symbolism as well. For example, when my husband washes the dishes or helps me fold the clothes that is a redbird to me. It is an encouraging reminder that God loves me and is always faithful. Now I get just as excited when I see an actual Redbird fly across our path as we walk around our neighborhood or if I see one perched up in a tree.

Redbirds can come in two forms--personal …

Our Love Story

It is hard to believe that Joshua and I have been married just a few days over six months. The time has flown by. But I hear that time does fly when you are having fun, and we are having a blast!!! I wanted to take a little time to share how the Lord brought us together. Only God could bring someone so right for me into my life. He answered every prayer I ever prayed for my future husband in Joshua. I am so grateful that God saw fit to write our love story just as He has.

Well, Joshua and I met at Southeastern FWB College in the fall of 2005. We were in a Christmas play together that year, and it was during play practices that our friendship began. We spent alot of time together getting to know each other. Then on Valentines Day of that year, Joshua wrote me the most beautiful poem that was an acronym of my name. I remember telling my roommate that the poem was sweet, but it was something I wanted my future husband to write me.
I had no idea that I had made such a predictive…

Love those Little Debbies

Wednesdays are one of my favorite days of the week! I look forward to picking up the kids on the van. The Lord has blessed the van route and given us about twelve kids who ride the van each week. After opening assembly and Bible study, we have a meal for the kids. This past Wednesday night, Christina, who rides the van with us, came up to me with her brownie and asked who made it. I said, "It looks like Little Debbie made that brownie." "She sure does make good brownies!!!" Christina exclaimed.

The Lord gives us good laughs with our kids we pick up on Wednesdays. They sure do say some of the funniest things. Please, pray for Christina and the other children we are privileged to minister with, that they would be saved, grow in their walks with the Lord and knowledge of Him.

Chasing Lizards

Living in South Carolina has definitely changed my view of insects and reptiles. They still make me squirm, but not scream (as much!). This weekend was packed with events, some of which included chasing a few lizards out of our house!

Friday-It was a joy to host a Girl's Night In at our home. Three ladies from the career/newly wed class joined me for a evening of games, laughs, and of course chocolate. We had alot of fun getting to know each other, and discussing the formation of a Bible study.

Saturday-Josh and I got up early enough to get ready for a day of waiting tables, cleaning, and raising money for the youth group at the Schoolhouse Restraunt. The owners let local youth groups wait tables on Saturdays and keep the tips. So we picked up two teens that were going to help us with the lunch shift and arrived at the Schoolhouse at ten. We had a good time with the twenty-three people who helped in the lunch and dinner shifts. After the restraunt closed we cleaned up and …