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Autumn Blessings

The changing of leaves has not only been a time of enjoying the colors around us, but also enjoying a full calendar of activities at church. On October 18, Bethany FWB celebrated its 191 year anniversary. We were very excited to be apart of the celebration as "One Focus" trio sang in the Sunday school hour and Bro. Gailyn Dunbar brought the message. Then that night we were able to see some of our friends at Pastor Lee Patrick's church. Another highlight was taking our junior group to the Pumpkin Patch and corn maze. We had a great group come out to participate and two other chaperons come with us. It was so fun to watch the kids go through the corn maze and try to find the way out. I think that the hay ride was my favorite part.
We have had some fun teen activities like the Faith Food Factor night. Josh had the fast challenge (eating the quickest), the fat challenge (eating the most), and the faith challenge (eating whatever is pulled out of the bag). We also love…